Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pregnancy Skin Care Tips and Advice

Look and Feel Great thru your pregnancy
Most mum's to be notice not only there tummy changing but there skin. It is quiet vial for all mums in the first stages of pregnancy to understand there skin and have it properly Skin Mapped/Diagnoses to identify any concerns and changes there skin may face in the changing hormonal months ahead.

Look Great and Feel Great can be achieved.

Ok everyone tells you of the foods you can and cannot eat, vitamins etc, to help take care of baby and yourself. Well we will also look at how you take care of your skin, cleansing, moisturising etc for particular concerns.

Got you interested? well we will start at what common problems most pregnant women face with skin concerns, and help you with some tips to help you thru these times.

Most of all start to enjoy your pregnancy, relax, take time to look after you - as you are the one that is carrying your new child.
Even book that belated facial, ask for a exp therapist to address your skin concerns and focus on rejuvenating your skin.

Most common pregnancy skin concerns

- this is the time to check what you are currently using. As most women continue to use the same products as before, but they notice either nothing is happening with there skin or more breakouts are occurring.
A mild cleansing wash that is designed for a combination skin, not something too harsh or stripping as this would irritate and strip the skin causing other skin concerns.
Start using an anti inflammatory lotion on pimples like Dermalogica Overnight clearing gel which will help rid bacteria, help rid of built up cells which clogs pores and stops further infection.
Drink lots of water, and eat fresh fruit and vegetables.
Talk to your DR on what vitamins he would recommend for you.
Don't squeeze - you Will only damage and irritate the skin and cause more infection.

Pimples or breakouts on the body are also common. Signs of irritation, breakouts in the second stage of pregnancy is common.
Use a mild non soap body wash, don't pick or scratch - and treat with calamine lotion for large areas of the body to take down itch or inflammation.

Dry skin on face or body with hormonal changes you may experience itchy sensitive skin, or even dry patches on the face and body.
What you again will have to look at is what are you washing your skin with. Avoid hot showers foaming or soap cleansers and start using a hydrating serum like Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster to give your skin that pregnancy glow and hydrate with a more nourishing moisturiser.
Over course in summer don't over nourish your skin as this can lead to breakouts.
On the body watch soap products, moisturise daily with a exfoliating body cream like Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream this will help rid skin of dead skin cells, with its lactic acid base and beautifully hydrate skin, allowing it to be softer and smoother to allow skin to grow and move with baby.
This plus a application daily of olive oil to tummy, buttocks and chest can reduce the chance in some women of stretch marks.

Pigmentation Due to stimulation of hormones this can stimulate pigmentation cells. It is very important to wear protective clothing in sunlight, avoid to much glare off computer screens, halogen lightening as these stimulate pigment cells and can help darken pigmentation. Avoid overexposure to sunlight and use a SPF30+.
Though it is also very common for women to notice darken patches on face especially top of lip, nose and forehead this will often fade when your baby is born.
If you are concerned after your pregnancy consult a skin therapist for a lightening range like Dermalogica Chroma White.

Skin Tags Well these interesting little skin polyps normally occur where friction and irritation of the skin occurs e.g skin rubbing and jewellery rubbing.
They are tiny and dark raised skin bits normally occur on arms, neck, chest, under arms and breast.
Laser is the most common way of removing them. Don't pull them as they can badly bleed.

Irritated hands and Feet - some women will notice itchy, red inflamed soles of their feet or palms, this is common when estrogen levels rise.
Try using some soothing hand cream like Dermalogica Multi Vitamin hand and nail cream or a hand balm by Elly B that is organic.
Avoid scrubbing, hot water and stimulating detergents.
Treat feet with a little baby powder and keep hands and feet hydrated and ask for that Pedicure or foot rub as it will only help.

Please email us for further skin advice.
Till next time take care enjoy the pregnancy ride